Music For Being Still

There's a magic that comes with stillness.

Maybe the opportunities to just sit and be still – certainly in our fast-paced culture – are so rare that they possess their own intrinsic worth. They've become special and valuable moments. Deliberate stillness helps us not only recharge, but oftentimes recalibrate our attitudes, plans, and thoughts.

Let's be honest, though. It's often hard to just enjoy silence or stillness without feeling guilty. I know that I need to be doing something… and frankly, I might fall asleep if I'm not. That's where music comes in. Music provides an excuse – no, an outlet! – to engage in stillness. And it truly is engaging; being still (especially with music) doesn't have to equate with boredom. It rarely does.

Below are a small selection of songs I love to listen to while being still. They're mostly soft, sometimes loud, always quieting.