Half Acre House

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Rachel + Ethan at Half Acre House!

There are several ways to run a business with various business models to follow. One way our team at Gather Table Co. desires to execute our business is through hospitality and partnering with people who display this naturally, without prompting. People who have shown patterns of generosity and service to others. Rachel and Ethan have made it a point to do just that. 

"Though we wanted our house to be aesthetically beautiful, we, more importantly, felt called to create a place of genuine welcome for others. A place where all who enter feel like they are seen, heard, and known for who they truly are." -Rachel + Ethan

Rachel and Ethan are a husband and wife, who live north of the Twin Cities and run a business together called Half Acre House. They do wedding photography, graphic design and run a beautiful lifestyle blog.

Even in the nitty gritty of business they exude togetherness. Rachel and Ethan desire that their clients become close friends and continue their relationship together through all of life's big milestones. They want to invest their creativity into the lives of their clients and create memorable pieces they can treasure for a lifetime. Rachel and Ethan are storytellers and together are writing their own story of togetherness, hospitality and generosity! 

Keep an eye out for more of their exciting work and the work we will be doing together!