Christmas Checklist

Christmas is easily one of the best times of the year but it also can be one of the most hectic. For those that wrestle with that reality, here is a Christmas checklist to help you arrive at January 1st with ease.

1. Write your yearly Christmas letter...but keep it short and sweet. That can be hard because bragging about your little ones is so easy. 

2. Decorate! Don't forget to hang up all your Christmas lights. Let your neighbors know just how much you love flashing colors. 

3. Get all bundled up and go find that perfect tree. 

4. Make a list of who you have to buy for. It's a process to sit down and do it but it will make your shopping trips much less stressful. Brave the mall only with a plan...or armed with patience. 

5. Wrap presents. Just do it. Nobody like's gift bags. 

6. Make your Grandma's famous christmas cookies. What would Christmas be without those? Speaking of Grandma— hug her.

7. Listen to as much Christmas music as possible. It only comes around once a year so get it in while you can.

8. Don't forget to watch at least three or ten Hallmark Christmas movies. 

9. Make sure Santa has enough cookies to eat when he comes to visit!

10. Enjoy the best time of the year— Jesus Came!